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Insights from our prosthetists about new technology, advances in prosthetics, & more

Congenital Amputation

September 3, 2020

Congenital Amputation In prosthetics, the term “congenital” is usually used to refer to a missing limb that is present from birth. It is birth without all or part of a …

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Prosthosis  Prosthosis is a term referring to the combination of a prosthesis and orthosis that helps provide support, proper body alignment, control and function for someone who still has a …

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Microprocessor Prosthetics

Microprocessor Prosthetics  Microprocessor prosthetics refers to a device with an internal computer that reads changes in movement and adjusts to the patient. Microprocessor ankles and knees that are programable to …

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Bilateral Amputation

Bilateral Amputation A bilateral amputation is the surgical removal of more than one limb, either both lower extremity or both upper extremity. Bilateral amputees typically need advanced prosthetic systems with …

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August 25, 2020

Doffing For amputees, doffing refers to the process of taking off the prosthesis or orthosis. 

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Donning  Donning is the process of putting on a prosthetic system and/or orthosis. Proper fit and stability are key elements to donning a prosthetic or orthotic device comfortably and eliminating …

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