Arm Prosthetics

Experienced prosthetists fitting the most advanced prosthetic hands

From Mechanical to Myoelectric Arm Prosthetics

Here at Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics, our team is experienced in applying the most advanced upper extremity prosthetic technologies. Our clinicians have a unique understanding of the clinical application of these technologies, and what it takes to create arm prosthetics for children, teens, and adults that deliver both comfort and function. Over the years, arm prosthetics have advanced by leaps and bounds, from the traditional yet functional hook hands to today’s most advanced myoelectric prosthetic arms and hands like the Deka arm, iLimb, Bebionic and Michelangelo hand.

Our Unique Approach to Arm Prosthetics

At MCOP, we work closely to determine your functional needs and goals, before choosing the most clinically appropriate prosthetic arm to meet your needs. We then create comfortable and functional arm sockets, working alongside the technology manufacturers to fit and train you every step of the way on how to use and care for these powerful technologies. Our knowledge of the latest hand and arm prosthetic technologies, along with our position as a leader in prosthetics and orthotics care for patients of all ages and backgrounds, ensures that you will get the most comprehensive care no matter what your situation.

If you are considering different arm or hand prosthetic options or have issues with your current upper extremity prosthetic, contact us today.

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