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At MCOP, our arm and hand prosthetic specialists understand how difficult it can be to live with an arm prosthetic.

The numbers speak for themselves...over 50% of upper limb amputees opt not to use a prosthetic! This shouldn't be the case. Modern technology and treatments have revolutionized the difference that prosthetics can make in the lives of upper extremity amputees. Unfortunately many of the issues that arm and hand amputees face are due to ineffective prosthetic care. Our experts have achieved over an 80% acceptance rate with upper limb prosthetics. Find out more about how we can help you move forward below.

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The MCOP Difference

Unlike lower limb amputations which are much more common, typical prosthetists have very little experience and training in the complex technologies and approaches required to deliver high quality upper extremity care. With the average prosthetist seeing only 1-2 upper extremity patients per year, there are very few prosthetists who have developed the clinical skills that can only come with experience. The end result is that we all too often meet with upper extremity amputees who are frustrated from years of bad experiences. When they first come to visit us, they have poorly fitting, uncomfortable sockets and improperly calibrated prosthetic devices.

Our team has unique experience – gained by fitting thousands of upper extremity prosthetics in both in our offices and for the military at Walter Reed. MCOP’s upper extremity team has developed nationally leading clinical expertise in caring for upper limb amputees. We’ve refined how we fit arm prosthetic sockets for different levels of amputation and for each person’s daily activities. We’ve also mastered how we select appropriate devices and train patients on how to get the most out of their prosthetic.

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