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Insights from our prosthetists about new technology, advances in prosthetics, & more

Celebrating Unity and Empowerment: Our Experience at the Bionic 5K

April 30, 2024 Category: amputee lifestyle/story, Amputee Support, Company News

The Bionic Project: Dismantling Disability Bias Last Sunday, team ‘No Limb, No Problem‘ from MCOP’s Boston clinic participated in the Bionic 5K in Cambridge, MA, an event organized by the …

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From Tragedy to Triumph: JP’s Journey of Resilience and Innovation

February 29, 2024 Category: Amputee Support, Technology

Meet JP Welcome to JP’s story, a testament to resilience and innovation in the face of adversity. Following the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombings, JP’s life took a …

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Meet the Team: Aaron

November 27, 2023 Category: Company News

Crafting Excellence: Aaron’s Journey from Walter Reed to MCOP’s Lead Technician in Prosthetics Aaron has worked alongside Art Molnar in MCOP’s Baltimore office and formerly for 15 years at Walter …

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MCOP’s Mike Corcoran Honored by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

September 29, 2023 Category: Ukraine, Military Prosthetics, Company News

MCOP’s Mike Corcoran Receives Award from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy During his recent visit to the United States, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions …

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MCOP & Superhumans, Forging Healing Partnerships

August 18, 2023 Category: Ukraine, Company News

MCOP & Superhumans Collaboration In mid-August a team of four prosthetists from Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics in Silver Spring will journey to Lviv, Ukraine to train Ukrainian prosthetists and …

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Operation Renew Prosthetics: Helping Ukrainian Soldiers Move Forward

June 20, 2023 Category: Military Prosthetics, Ukraine

MCOP’s Commitment to Restoring Lives: In the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics has taken the initiative to restore hope and mobility to Ukrainian soldier …

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