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Prosthetic Research

Participate in studies led by leading prosthetic manufacturers and hospitals

Prosthetic Research and Product Testing at MCOP

We are currently seeking below knee, above knee, hip disarticulation, and hemipelvectomy amputees interested in testing new prosthetic technologies from leading manufacturers. Contact us here to see if you qualify or to request more information.

About Prosthetic Research at MCOP

Over the years we have developed long standing relationships with leading prosthetic manufacturers and research centers. As clinical leaders in the prosthetic industry, manufacturers like Ossur, Ottobock, and Bionix (previously iWalk) routinely rely on our clinical opinions for validation of new prosthetic designs. MCOP greatly values these relationships and how they impact the care that we are able to provide clients. These research relationships ensure that we offer our customers the most clinically appropriate and advanced solutions available today.

Our Prosthetic Technology Research Partners

  • Ossur
  • Bionix (previously iWalk)
  • Ottobock
  • WillowWood
  • Endolite
  • Freedom Innovations
  • Evolution Industries
  • College Park Prosthetics

MCOP Physical Therapy and Gait Analysis Research Partners

  • University of Washington
  • University of Miami

Our Local Amputee Rehabilitation Partners

  • Shady Grove Rehabilitation Hospital / Adventist Healthcare
  • Horizon Vascular Group
  • Washington DC VA Hospital
  • George Washington University Hospital Vascular Surgery

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