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Who We Are

A leader in clinical experience and advanced prosthetic technologies

Who We Are

Medical Center O&P is a leading prosthetic out-patient clinic serving amputees who seek to maximize their potential and minimize the complications associated with wearing a prosthesis.

You may have heard of us because of our work providing lower limb prosthetics to wounded warriors, but we began as practitioners focused on providing excellent prosthetic care to all amputees. Whether you are a parent of a young amputee, an amputee seeking the best care possible, or one of our nation’s injured heroes, our approach to your care always remains the same; we provide the prosthetic services, training, and support that empowers amputees to Move Forward.

Move Forward

We stand by our mission to provide the individualized care necessary to allow amputees to maximize their potential and Move Forward. Having previously worked for large and small prosthetic practices, our founders sought to build a prosthetic clinic in Washington DC that focused on the latest clinical approaches and technologies, coupled with the personal care and attention that amputees need to reach their goals.

This vision has propelled us over the past 10 years to become a leading prosthetic clinic both in Washington DC and internationally through our advanced prosthetic research and care. Today, elite government agencies and everyday people come to us when seeking the best prosthetic and orthotic care and technology available.

What Makes Us Unique?

The MCOP difference boils down to two key elements: Clinical Experience and Advanced Prosthetic Technology.

Clinical Experience

We are unique in that we have the most experience in the country serving amputees of all ages, backgrounds, and injury types, up to and including the rarest and most challenging clinical conditions. Where most prosthetists may only serve an above knee amputee once a week, our practitioners help above knee amputees multiple times a day.

Having done this for years, our team knows the techniques and products that will work best for you. At MCOP, we know what it takes to get you the perfect prosthetic fit and we believe that your prosthetic care should not be subject to trial and error.

Prosthetic Technology

We are the national leader in advanced prosthetic technologies. Because of our over 8 years of experience testing and utilizing the most advanced technology with amputees from all of greater DC, we know prosthetic technology unlike any other prosthetic clinic. Our team has used more advanced prosthetic technologies than any other clinic, including the latest technological advances, which we often test before they become available to the general public.

This experience allows us to assess your unique needs and recommend the best approach for you from a position of experience. After we have decided on a technology, our experience ensures that your fitting is ideal for your needs and takes advantage of all of the appropriate features of the technology. Our experience ensures that your daily life will not be affected by an improperly set up technology.  For more information about the latest prosthetic technologies that we are using, click here.

Amputees, families, healthcare providers and governments from across the world choose MCOP because of our unmatched access to prosthetic technology and our unique clinical experience. These factors are what allow us to improve outcomes in even the most complex clinical situations.

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