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VA Prosthetics

Providing prosthetics to veterans with VA insurance

Prosthetic Services for Veterans with VA Insurance

Recent changes in veterans benefits have made it possible for veterans covered through the Veterans Adminstration (VA) to choose any prosthetic provider for their care.  

Since you are no longer required to seek prosthetic care at the VA hospital, you can now seek care from private clinics for your prosthetic needs. Our team will work with the prosthetic department at the VA to determine your needs and coordinate coverage. VA patients often appreciate how we are able to fit and deliver prosthetics faster than the VA.

We’re proud partners of the VA in all of the markets that we serve. We work with major VA hospital prosthetic departments in Washington DC, Boston and other regional VA Medical Centers to deliver high-quality care.

Over the years, our partners at the VA have been a strong advocates and supporters of recent advances in prosthetic research and new prosthetic technologies. Our team appreciates and understands the important role that the VA plays, and will never forget the forward-thinking investments that the VA has made which now allowed amputees to have access to new, life-changing technology and care options.

Our team of experienced prosthetists can help you as a VA patient to understand your options and recommend the prosthetic that would best suit your needs. In addition, our combined knowledge and expertise in prosthetics and orthotics care for veterans ensures that you will benefit from quality, customized care that is difficult to find. Our service to VA patients starts with an assessment visit at our facility, where we evaluate your needs before we begin to work with your local VA to provide care as efficiently as possible.

Also, because our prosthetists are the nation’s leading providers of military prosthetics, we understand better than anyone the unique challenges that veterans face, especially those with traumatic battlefield injuries. As the exclusive lower limb prosthetic contractors to leading veteran medical centers, we have unmatched experience in providing care to current and former military.

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