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Meet the Team: Aaron

November 27, 2023

Crafting Excellence: Aaron’s Journey from Walter Reed to MCOP’s Lead Technician in Prosthetics

Aaron has worked alongside Art Molnar in MCOP’s Baltimore office and formerly for 15 years at Walter Reed Military Hospital where they provided care to over 1,100 military amputees. He started his career focusing on the role of manufacturing quality prosthetics as a Prosthetic Technician supporting the MOCP services contract at Walter Reed Military Hospital.
Over time he specialized in manufacturing of the more complex prosthetics that are required by military amputees, this included hip-disarticulation, complex transfemoral and transtibial cases, and sports & recreational prosthesis to include almost every activity imaginable.
In 2012, Aaron earned his Certified Prosthetic Assistant certification and now oversees top-notch prosthetic production, along with collaborating with prosthetists to fast-track amputee care. His manufacturing prowess, paired with organizational skills, ensures seamless and expedited care for all amputees.
As MCOP’s lead technician, Aaron works tirelessly across all sites, guaranteeing top-tier custom products and maximizing productivity.
When he’s not crafting prosthetics, you’ll find him cherishing moments with his family and community, never too far from a crab boil pot or barbecue pit.

To see Aaron in action, check out this awesome video:

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