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A Team of Leading Prosthetists and Orthotists

Meet MCOP's prosthetics and orthotics specialists

Art Molnar

Prosthetist in Silver Spring, MD specializing in military prosthetics

After graduating from University of Memphis in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Art immediately continued on his path toward clinical prosthetics. He achieved his American Board Certification in prosthetics and orthotics after attending Northwestern University, in Chicago, IL. In the years following, Art completed his residency program in both Prosthetics and Orthotics at Methodist Rehab Center in Jackson, MS.

Art serves as the clinical manager of military care at MCOP and has the opportunity each day to work with the latest technology in prosthetics. Art ensures that the state-of-the-art equipment is applied to yield the highest level of patient care when combined with the elite knowledge of the MCOP team. Working with the best devices available and encountering the field’s most unique and complex cases.

As the world’s leading practitioner in fitting bionic technology, Art has become a go-to resource for within MCOP and the industry. He has tirelessly worked with manufacturers to further improve prosthetic technology. This has become a personal interest for Art and he has, on several occasions presented to the internal development and clinical team.

Recently, he was honored as a Hero of Military Medicine by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine for his extraordinary work in the field.

Art lives in Clarksburg, MD, with his wife, Erica, and three daughters: Audrey, Alaina and Addison. In his spare time, Molnar participates on a softball team and follows other sports.

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