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MCOP Becomes Proud Sponsor of Disabled Sports USA

November 15, 2019

“If I can do this, I can do anything.”

For over five decades, that’s been the motto behind Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA), one of the biggest non-profit adaptive sports organizations in the country – if not the entire world.

With over 50 years to their name and an impressive 60,000+ individuals-in-need serviced every year through a variety of adaptive sports programs, we at MCOP are excited to announce that we’re now a Proud National Sponsor of this extraordinary organization!

Our team will be sponsoring the organization as a whole and volunteering at many of their upcoming local chapter events. We’ll also be lending our support to two of their biggest annual events:

  • 32nd Annual Hartford Ski Spectacular
  • 2020 Honoring America’s Wounded Warfighters Gala Dinner.

If you’re not familiar with either of these events, we’ve provided some background on each below to help catch you up.

Hartford Ski Spectacular

As gold sponsors of the upcoming Hartford Ski Spectacular in December, we’ll get another chance to be on-site at one of the nation’s largest winter sports festivals for athletes with disabilities.

Certain members of our staff were fortunate enough to attend last year’s event, and it proved to be a truly unforgettable experience with plenty of new friendships made, exciting events attended, and amazing accomplishments witnessed.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be returning this year as sponsors!

Honoring America’s Wounded Warfighters Gala Dinner

Another great event that we’ve had the pleasure of attending in the past is the Honoring America’s Wounded Warfighters Dinner, most recently held in April 2019 in New York City.

While little has been announced regarding the upcoming 13th Annual Dinner, we’re still very excited to add our name to the roster of sponsors for what will surely be a spectacular evening which brings together wounded warriors and supportive organizations for a truly noble cause: raising funds to support military heroes through numerous rehabilitative sports programs. And even though the specifics on the 2020 Gala are still in the works, you can always learn more about the associated Warfighter Sports program at any time!

A Brief History of DSUSA & Adaptive Sports Programs

Since 1967, DSUSA has focused on improving the lives of our nation’s wounded heroes in addition to our nation’s civilian youth and adults with disabilities. Whether those disabilities are the result of visual impairments, injuries, neurological conditions, amputations, or any number of other causes, DSUSA provides all who are interested with over 40 different types of adaptive sports and recreational activities that are simultaneously fun, challenging, and rewarding.

To learn more about DSUSA’s lengthy history (plus some interesting info covering the history of adaptive sports for amputees as a whole), make sure to visit their detailed Early History page.

How the DSUSA Works (And How You Can Get Help!)

DSUSA currently has more than 120 chapters spread across the country. Collectively, these chapters offer thousands of programs catered to 40 different types of sports and other recreational activities.

Whether you’re seeking out volunteer or employment opportunities, donation or fundraising information, or are interested in becoming a DSUSA athlete and partaking in one of the organization’s many adaptive sports programs yourself, their website features a handy, constantly updated calendar of events that can be conveniently sorted by location, date range, and your choice of sport.

Additionally, DSUSA always has staff ready to answer any number of questions via email or telephone. Contact DSUSA or follow them directly on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. They also have a popular YouTube channel spotlighting all sorts of adaptive athletes, events, and more. It’s a great source of inspiration and info surrounding one of the most respected adaptive sports organizations in the world!

Serving Athletes with Prosthetics

As you can tell, we’re as thrilled as we are honored to have our name associated with such a distinguished and important organization. Moving forward, we’ll continue to service a wide array of adaptive athletes with prosthetics and other amputation-related needs, just as we have for decades. And now, as a new National Sponsor of Disabled Sports USA, we also look forward to helping a very deserving organization do all they can to help those in need – and after reading this blog, we hope you’ll do the same!

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