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The Importance of Prosthetic Socket Design

February 12, 2013

To ensure optimal comfort and safety, there is nothing more important than prosthetic socket design, whether it’s for your arms or hands, your knees (above or below), or any other part of your body. At MCOP, we start by asking the right questions and performing an in-depth physical analysis and assessment. By asking questions and physically assessing the residual limb, we gather the information necessary to design a socket to your exact needs and limb type, ensuring comfort and safety. This is because a well fit socket effectively reduces forces inside a prosthetic socket, ensuring comfort and tissue health.

Our team of clinicians have a proven track record of resolving chronic prosthetic related issues, including skin breakdowns, sores, ulcers, blisters, chronic discoloration, verrucous hyperplasia, and dermatitis. Sometimes, results are achieved in as short as a week’s time.

However, our socket design savvy is hardly limited to helping amputee who suffer from existing skin conditions.  The comfort of our prosthetic sockets is one of  our greatest points of pride, and is the result of our approach and experience. We tailor each socket to the specific anatomical and physiological needs of the individual.

Every member of our team is committed to never rest until they are walking in a socket that meets and exceeds their activity of daily life needs. In fact, we are so confident in the skill of our clinicians that we offer a guarantee to every amputee that we serve. If we can not offer a measurable resolution to your chronic prosthetic related skin problem or discomfort, we will not bill for our services.

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