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Glossary of Terms

Learn about the mostly commonly used terms in prosthetics and orthotics industry.

Prosthetic Device 

Broadly speaking, prosthetic devices – also known as “artificial limbs,” “prosthetics, “prostheses,” and a host of other terms – are any artificial devices that are used to replace and compensate for a missing body part (most likely a limb). Devices can be in the form of a hand, foot or other less natural shapes like a hook or curved blade (for running). While prostheses are generally customized and categorized based on the specific part of the body they’ll be used on, most typically contain the same essential components (i.e., the socket, the prosthetic liners, a shaft, a suspension system, and so on).

Due to the massive array of amputation types that can affect any area of the body, there’s an equally massive array of prosthetic devices on the market, all designed to help amputees regain their independence, reclaim their confidence, and start moving forward on their journeys to recovery. Not only do these devices play a vital role in the early rehabilitation process, but they also provide prolonged support to millions of people over the world for years at a time.

Thankfully, with the rapid advancements made in the field of prosthetic technology over the past few years, today’s amputees seeking a path back to independence have more options than ever before. From more straightforward cosmetic-oriented prosthetics to highly advanced models that can be controlled through intricate computerized systems, leading manufacturers like Össur, Ottobock, and countless others are flooding the market with prosthetic options tailor-made to fit any number of needs. At MCOP, we’re happy to supply a large majority of these devices, and we always make it a priority to ensure every client finds the perfect fit for their unique lifestyle.

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