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Often the result of cancer or severe trauma, hemipelvectomy amputations create unique challenges that require the skilled approach of an experienced prosthetist. At MCOP, we are proud to be the leading facility in the world for hemipelvectomy amputees.

In the last 5 years, our unique experience and approach has allowed us to serve over 80 hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy amputees from all over the United States and the world.

If you have a hemipelvectomy amputation and are facing significant discomfort with your current prosthesis, are struggling to use your prosthesis all day, or are opting to use your crutches or wheelchair more regularly, we may be able to help.

At MCOP we focus on creating a prosthetic that you can comfortably and confidently wear all day long. Research and our first-hand experience show that wearing your prosthetic for more of the day has a variety of benefits for overall health. These benefits include a reduction in the risk of scoliosis, back pain, deformation and shoulder injury, and a lessened need for future surgeries.

To make our hemipelvectomy prosthetics more wearable than traditional designs, we strike a unique balance between control and comfort in our socket designs,through the use of a floating strap design on the non-amputated side. This allows for easy socket adjustments during the day. Where our sockets are easily adjustable, traditional socket designs for hemipelvectomy amputees tend to be much more rigid, acting like a corset and prioritizing stability over comfort and wearability. We also focus on making the lightest weight and most cosmetically appealing designs possible, since these are other major factors in wearability.

Another unique component of the MCOP approach to hemipelvectomy prosthetics is the custom undergarments that we design for our patients. We work with a pattern marker from Under Armour to create custom formed undergarments that further improve the comfort and wearability of our hemipelvectomy prosthetics.

In our clinical experience, hemipelvectomy amputees often make great candidates for powered prosthetic devices such as the Ossur Power Knee. When combined with the Otto Bock Helix Hip, Power Knee offers a level of control and natural mobility that would have been impossible before the advent of these two incredible technologies. Other powered prosthetics such as the BiOM Foot also offer great promise for hemipelvectomy amputees in the future.

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