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Prosthetic Life Care Planning & Legal Services

Leaders in developing prosthetic life care plans and experienced prosthetic expert witnesses.

The prosthetics and orthotics experts at MCOP have been providing expert life care planning estimates and prosthetic legal consulting services for years. If your client has lost a limb or has lost full use of a limb MCOP can arm you with an estimated cost of the prosthetic or orthotic required as a result. Attorneys working with MCOP can ensure they can target the full and appropriate compensation for their clients who have lost the use of a limb, whether that’s from workers’ compensation or another source of restitution.


Expert Witness & Prosthetic Legal Consulting Overview

Our aim is to provide the optimal clinical recommendation to allow the amputee to live a full life using the appropriate standard of care for prosthetics now and in the future. These recommendations are not bound by Medicaid, and instead operates as if the patient has access to the best prosthetics, orthotics, and accompanying support services. 


The Life Care Estimation Process: From Clinical Examination to Expert Testimony

Our process is broken down into three stages: Meeting with a legal team, conducting an extensive clinical examination of the patient, and acting as an expert legal consultant (including testimony and deposition) if required.

1. Meeting with the legal team

The law firms we collaborate with usually have a team in addition to the prosthetic/orthotic specialists at MCOP. These often include a life care planner, who conducts a holistic report on the required home adaptation, work adaptation, etc. that result from the accident the client has suffered. We also work with economists as they perform predictive financial modeling. Our team are experts at providing insight into the predicted costs and lifestyle alterations that are associated with prosthetics and orthotics.

2. Clinical examination of patient

MCOP will conduct a deep and extensive clinical review of the medical record of the patient, including an in-person visit. As part of our unique and thorough process, we take into consideration any compounding factors that might be specific to the patient and your legal case. These can include:

  • any degenerative diseases the patient may have that affect choice of prosthetic or orthotic;
  • how the prosthetic or orthotic will affect clothing;
  • and whether or not the patient will require physical therapy going forward.

The results of the examination will be condensed into a written prosthetic or orthotic report, with a subsequent life care service estimate based on the report. As a future-conscious medical center, MCOP takes into account both the current solutions available and the emerging orthotic and prosthetic technologies that will be available throughout the course of the patient’s recovery. Our final report represents our professional consideration and recommendation for the best course of recovery for the patient, without any editorializing.

3. Providing expert testimony

If the case goes to trial and an expert witness for the life case estimate is required, a professional from MCOP will provide expert testimony and field questions from both sides. MCOP experts are also available for a deposition hearing process. Our team has significant courtroom experience at defending our clinical opinions.


Costs & Billing

MCOP offers highly competitive rates and will bill only for the hours spent collaborating with the legal team and for travel if it is required. 

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