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Bilateral Prosthetics

Personalized prosthetic solutions for bilateral amputees.

Unmatched experience serving the complex needs of bilateral amputees.

Most prosthetists see only a handful of bilateral amputees in their careers. It may surprise you to hear that MCOP in recent years has seen almost as many bilateral amputees as we have seen unilateral amputees. From this experience comes a level of care that you can rely on for the best outcomes for you and your needs. Our team is in a league of our own in terms of our ability to help bilateral amputees.

Laying the foundations.

When walking as a bilateral amputee, 40% of the time only one foot is on the ground. Then, when you consider a variety of terrain and other obstacles, prosthetic control becomes essential to safety.

It should be of no surprise that comfort, suspension and control are the highest priority and must be tailored to your needs. Finding the right balance of these factors as quickly as possible can only be accomplished by an experienced clinician.

Once this foundation has been built, only then can we start looking at appropriate technology.

Synchronicity, symmetry and technology

As the nation’s leading provider of powered prosthetic, microprocessor controlled knees and feet, and advanced mechanical designs, we have unmatched experience with technology and knowledge of what each can and cannot do for you.

Another part of being the nation’s leader is that we can guarantee an optimized result that provides synchronicity and symmetry between the human body and the prosthesis.

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