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Hip Disarticulation Prosthetics

Hip disarticulation prosthetic care offered by the world's foremost experts.

Expert Prosthetic Solutions for Hip Disarticulation Amputees

If you have a hip disarticulation amputation, you know all too well that in years past there was little knowledge, experience or technology available for your level of loss. While lower extremity amputations have their own unique characteristics and challenges, hip disarticulation was once, and in many ways still is, considered to be one of the most radical operations performed for trauma or disease of the lower limb. Fortunately though, through many advances in prosthetic technology, living with a hip disarticulation amputation doesn’t mean that you can’t find the same level of comprehensive, quality care as any other prosthetic or orthotic issue.

MCOP has developed the reputation as the national leader in hip disarticulation prosthetics. By serving HD amputees returning from the battlefield, our prosthetists have unmatched experience when it comes to the specific technologies and the most advanced clinical approaches.

This unique level of knowledge regarding the unique needs of HD amputees and our unique experience with the most advanced prosthetic technologies allows us to provide an unmatched level of comfort and mobility.

We work with HD amputees nationwide who seek out our specialized services and expertise.

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