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Mert Lawwill Device – Prosthetic Hand Attachment

A specialized prosthetic hand attachment for motorcycle and bicycle handlebars

Mert Lawwill Device

The Mert Lawwill Device is a specialized prosthetic hand attachment that helps those with prosthetic limbs to ride a bicycle, motorcycle or snowmobile.

The design originated when Factory Harley-Davidson team racer Chris Draayer endured a career-ending crash in 1967 that cost him his arm. Draayer called on his teammate, the legendary Mert Lawwill, to build him an adequate prosthetic hand for riding his motorcycle and after eight years of extensive research, development and testing, the result is the updated Mert Lawwill Quick Release Handlebar Attachment for both above and below elbow amputees.

Designed by racers, with racers, and for racers, the Mert Lawwill Device is an extremely innovative prosthetic device that bolts onto any motorcycle, bicycle, or anything with handlebars.

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