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Össur – Rheo Knee 3

Stable and dynamic microprocessor knee

The Össur Rheo Knee 3 is a prosthetic knee option for transfemoral and knee/hip disarticulation amputees.  Due to its continuous adaptability to different environments and types of activity, it allows users to return to everyday activities with confidence. Based on Össur’s own clinical research, users wearing the Rheo Knee 3 reported that they were able to walk farther and faster while feeling less tired than when wearing previous Rheo Knee models and its main competitor model.

The Rheo Knee 3 is unique from other microprocessor knees on the market due to several features. First, it is weatherproof, allowing for exposure to splashing of water and for use in wet and/or humid environments. It also offers natural knee function due to advanced actuator and resistance control which provides support for activities like stair descent, and its swing initiation capabilities allow patients to experience a smoother gait even in crowds and confined spaces. It also utilizes magnetorheologic technology, which is purported to ensure an instant response from your knee so there is less waiting for your knee to catch up with you.

Compatible with nearly all Össur feet, the Rheo Knee 3 is a suitable prosthetic solution for patients looking for a strong, stable, and weatherproof prosthetic knee.

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