We're thrilled to announce that Orthotic Prosthetic Center (OPC), a long-time leader in prosthetic care throughout Northern Virginia, has merged with MCOP. However, even though their name will be changing, OPC will still operate in the exact same manner it always has, providing the highest level of quality care to clients throughout Virginia.Learn More

Ottobock – DynamicArm & DynamicArm Plus

Power, Speed, and Everything Else You Need

Ottobock’s DynamicArm above-elbow prosthesis features an electric motor and signature Vario Drive Clutch, giving wearers optimal power and speed. In addition, wearers of the DynamicArm can easily flex and extend their elbows while holding up to 11 lbs. 

For amputees with more than two myosignals, Ottobock also offers the DynamicArm Plus. This version contains all the features and functionalities of the standard DynamicArm, but can also process up to eight input signals.

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