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Ottobock – ErgoArm & ErgoArm Electronic Plus

Lightweight & Versatile Upper-Extremity Solutions

Lightweight and versatile, Ottobock’s 12K41 ErgoArm is compatible with a wide variety of both passive and body-powered hand and terminal devices. Features include an internal Infinite Position lock that can be locked or unlocked under load in any position, as well as a specialized Slip-Stop function that allows the wearer to lower his or her forearm in a controlled manner without fully releasing or reactivating the lock.

Meanwhile, the 12K50 ErgoArm Electric Plus is compatible with myoelectric hands and terminal devices. It has the same Infinite Position lock and Slip-Stop features as the standard ErgoArm, with the addition of Automatic Forearm Balance technology, Easy Plug connecting cables, and an Electronic Lock that allows the wearer to easily control the elbow’s locking and unlocking via myoelectric signals.

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