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Partial Hand Solutions – M-Fingers

Durable Multi-Articulating Fingers for a Multitude of Tasks

Partial Hand Solutions’ “M-Fingers” series consists of multi-articulating, highly dependable fingers in a range of sizes and colors (5 sizes and 3 colors, to be exact).

No matter what size or color you pick, you can be sure that Partial Hand Solutions’ M-Fingers will comfortably conform around objects, giving you – the wearer – a more secure and confident grip.

In addition, all M-Finger tyles are simple-to-operate and easily controllable by the wearer’s own motion. With direct control of the fingers, the wearer can perform tasks more responsively and precisely.

All M-Finger types are specifically formulated with strength and durability top-of-mind, ensuring you can complete a multitude of tasks throughout the day (and night) with the greatest of ease.

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