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Partial Hand Solutions – Titan Fingers

Titan-Level Performance in a Variety of Styles

Partial Hand Solutions’ Titan series of titanium fingers are perfect for heavy-duty requirements. Customers can also choose from a variety of options within this series, including:

  • The Titan Partial: This partial finger is the perfect high-performance solution for someone who is missing a portion of their finger.
  • The Titan Full: Made from the same high-strength materials as the Titan Partial, the Titan Full is, as its name suggests, suitable for those who are missing an entire finger.
  • The Titan Flex: The latest addition to the Titan series, the Titan Flex is set to replace the Titan Full design and comes with several improvements in terms of strength and function.

No matter what variant you choose, you can take comfort knowing that you’ll get a reliable product capable of meeting even the most rigorous daily demands.


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