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Point Designs – Ratcheting Finger

Innovation, Strength & Comfort All in One Unique Prosthesis

Point Designs is a true industry innovator, producing full-finger and partial-finger prosthetics with their patented ratcheting mechanism.

This ratcheting mechanism was developed to improve the dexterity of customers who have lost one or more fingers at or near the MCP joint. The devices are also ideal for wearers who have lost one or more partial fingers at the PIP joint, making it the perfect solution for an even wider audience.

In addition, all devices are manufactured with long-term endurance in mind. In fact, they’re all composed of 3D-printed titanium, brass, and stainless steel.

As a result, Point Designs’ devices are resilient enough to be used in many applications that would cause damage to a standard myoelectric or cosmetic prosthesis.

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