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Ossur – Proprio Foot

An adaptable & responsive prosthetic foot

Ossur Proprio Foot

Featuring sensors and motors that allow the foot to adapt to even the subtlest changes in movement, PROPRIO FOOT enables an appropriate and immediate response to changes in ground surface and activity. Users are able to easily transition to different walking terrains. Terrain Logic,  the patented artificial intelligence is the ‘brain’ of the device, and helps to replace the functions that the body’s central nervous system would normally play in processing information about changes occurring inside and outside the limb if it was still intact.  

The Proprio Foot works in a continuous cycle; at its first sense of mobility,  it repeatedly analyzes movements it in order to calculate and then direct an appropriate response. The prosthetic acts upon this information and with its precision motor generates movements performed previously by muscles. With each step, users will regain mobility and confidence with use of the Proprio Foot.

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