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A Team of Leading Prosthetists and Orthotists

Meet MCOP's prosthetics and orthotics specialists

Brian Waryck,

Senior Prosthetic Specialist

Brian Waryck, brings more than 22 years of clinical experience in prosthetics. He began his journey earning a prosthetic degree from the Newington Certificate Program, after receiving a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England College. Brian completed his prosthetic residency at Newington O & P Systems followed by 5 years as a staff prosthetist at Shriner’s Hospital in Springfield, MA. These programs allowed Brian to gain exposure to a multitude of complex pathologies, developing his abilities to fabricate creative and functional solutions for his patients.

Brian is an ABC-certified prosthetist, Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, and member of the Upper-Limb Prosthetics Society. Clinically, he has accumulated extensive experience in upper extremity prosthetics, most recently as a clinical manager with Arm Dynamics in Cleveland and Philadelphia, as well as during his time providing upper limb prosthetic care to injured military personnel during the height of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, Brian has presented and co-published articles promoting the advancement of prosthetic technologies.

As the current Senior Clinical Specialist for MCOP Boston, Brian brings a unique approach to each patient he evaluates. Focusing primarily on upper limb prostheses, he seeks to create opportunities to advance care for this under-served patient population. His experience with prosthetic design following Targeted Muscle Re-innervation (TMR) make him a key player not only to MCOP but also in upper limb prosthetics nationwide.

Brian and his wife reside in the suburbs of Boston. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, fly fishing, canoeing, hiking, and x-country skiing in New England.

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