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Irritation and Skin Issues

December 6, 2012

Research has shown that as many as 74% of amputees have skin issues associated with prosthetic wear1. Sometimes these are minor and do not affect use, but oftentimes if the cause is untreated they progress to a new level. We are specialists in understanding the skin/prosthetic interface and we are often asked to work directly with manufacturers to understand the causes and prevent the occurrence of skin irritation and breakdown.  If you feel rubbing in your prosthesis, that is the result of mechanical friction and pressure combined which can cause irritation and skin issues. Socket shape and fit along with stabilizing the soft tissue are all important to prevent this and preserve the long term health of your skin. We utilize a variety of Gel and Silicone materials to match the skin’s needs and dissipate friction or pressure to reduce irritation. If you experience liner or skin breakdown you should be even more concerned. A stable socket environment protects you and the liner both equally, and breakdown is the result of issues with the socket. Our expert prosthetists are experienced at resolving skin issues and reducing and preventing skin breakdown through the careful application of the latest socket, interface, and suspension technologies.

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