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Otto Bock X3 Microprocessor Knee

November 19, 2013 ,

The Otto Bock X3 is a novel microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee (MPK) that is the result of a collaboration between the US military and the industry leader in microprocessor knees, Ottobock. Our team has worked alongside the military and the engineers to develop the X3 into the exceptional technology that it is today. In fact, we were the only non-military team in the country fitting the X3 for over 3 years!

Today, the X3 is available to any above knee amputee weighing up to 275lbs. As the most experienced team in the country with the X3 technology, we have a unique understanding of this prosthetic technology and its benefits, which we share in more detail below.

Key features & benefits of the Ottobock X3 microprocessor knee:

  • Waterproof – The X3 is a completely submersible & waterproof prosthetic knee, allowing unprecedented contact with water. If you are seeking the benefits of a microprocessor knee but don’t want to give up the ability to take your prosthesis into the shower, into the lake, or onto a boat, the X3 may be just what you’re looking for.
  • Walk, Jog, Run – Through a remote, the X3 can be easily switched into a mode that is designed for running and other sports. In addition, X3 has a Walk2Run mode which automatically allows for start-and-stop running for those times when you need to chase the dog or catch a bus.
  • Highly Adaptive – The X3 has a built in accelerometer and a gyroscope that allows the knee to tell where it is in space for a smooth, natural gait. The intelligence and adaptation of the knee means less fear of trips and falls for many users.
  • Extended Battery Life – X3 offers improved battery life and uses an automatic “sleep” mode. This translates into 5+ days of use without the need for a recharge, reducing the fear and hassle associated with keeping the knee constantly charged.
  • Programmable Activity Modes – The X3 allows our prosthetists to program 5 activity modes into the knee specifically for your most common activities, for thinks like biking, golfing, driving, etc. These modes can be easily triggered before beginning your activity using a key fob.
  • New Levels of Mobility – For high activity amputees, the X3 supports motions that are typically dangerous or even impossible with other prosthetic knees, including; walking backwards, efficiently crossing obstacles, climbing stairs step-over-step, and running.

Put together, these features of the X3 make it without question one of the most advanced prosthetic technologies available today. In our years of experience fitting the X3 on both military and civilian above knee amputees, we have seen many people benefit greatly from this powerful technology.

To learn more about X3 and find out whether you might benefit from this technology, contact our team.

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