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Reuben’s Story: From Amputation to Independence

May 15, 2020 , ,

Making a Decision: The First Step to Moving Forward

Reuben A. was faced with a tough decision last fall, as many amputees are. His physicians offered him three surgical options for amputation. After careful thought, consideration, and communication with his surgeons, Reuben was scheduled to have a right transtibial amputation. This type of surgery, which is a below-knee amputation (BKA), is done to remove the lower limb after that limb has been severely damaged or diseased.

Starting on the Path to Independence with MCOP D.C.

Sean Wooldridge, CPO and primary prosthetist at MCOP’s D.C. office, met with Reuben before and after his surgery to discuss a treatment plan and get to work on Reuben’s future. Fast-forward only two months, and you can see the progress Reuben had already made in that short time – no wheelchair, walker, or cane in sight!

Photo of MCOP D.C. client Reuben standing upright without the aid of a wheelchair, walker, or cane

From day one, Reuben had a goal to return to independence as much as possible and is so very proud to be on that path. With additional help from his rehab team, Reuben is now able to navigate the stairs in his apartment, as well as outside curbs and sidewalks throughout the community. He also has no problem walking back through the front door of our D.C. office!

However, a return to walking, improved health, and much greater independence are not Reuben’s only accomplishments over the last few months. He also frequently attends events organized by the Amputee Support Group at GW Hospital. There, he meets with other members of the D.C. limb-loss community and shares his story to help provide hope for others as they move forward along their own similar paths.

Some of the Prosthetic Technologies Used

To help Reuben on his path to recovery, Sean used MCOP’s many resources to not only come up with a customized treatment plan, but also provide Reuben with the most advanced technologies and devices available. Some of these included:

  • The Össur Talux® prosthetic foot, which provided Reuben with a lightweight, mutl-axial solution designed for agility and balance.
  • The Össur TT Direct Socket System and Tool Kit. Rather than casting/measuring, modifying, and then pulling plastic over a mold fitting, Össur’s Direct Socket System offers an innovative alternative. In Reuben’s case, a carbon-fiber definitive socket was fabricated using pressurized air-bladder epoxy injection. This provided a truly surface-bearing and totally snug fit, with no need for hand modifications or pressure offloading.
  • Suction suspension was then provided via the Össur Demo Cushion wave liner and Össur Genu Sleeve.

Success Stories Like Reuben’s Happen Every Day!

We’re thrilled to report that Reuben’s success story is just one of many that our team members witness every day. So, for others in the D.C. area seeking specialized prosthetic-and-amputee care like Reuben needed, don’t hesitate to contact our D.C. team as soon as possible. Meanwhile, anyone can reach out to staff members at any of our other locations to ask questions or schedule an in-person appointment – or even request a virtual one online!

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