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Sports Prosthetic Devices You Didn’t Know Existed

June 6, 2019 , ,

Advanced Sports Prosthetics: Helping Amputee Athletes Get Back in Action

Whether you’re a recent amputee or were born with a missing limb, there’s no reason you can’t participate in all the sporting events and other athletic activities that you love! In fact, today’s active amputees can be found on courts, fields, and gyms everywhere, and it’s all thanks to the huge variety of advanced prosthetic devices currently on the market.

To give you an idea of what’s currently available, we’re providing an exclusive look at some of the most unique, interesting, and popular sports prosthetics and other devices at our various MCOP locations. See if you can find something for your favorite sport!

Lower-Limb Sports Prosthetics for Active Amputees

MCOP client with a prosthetic leg exercising in one of our facilities

Running – Flex-Run with Nike Sole

Over the years, we’ve found that the Össur Flex-Run offers unparalleled performance for amputee athletes wanting to run or jog. This prosthetic device was designed by two of the top companies (Nike & Össur) in their respective industries collaborating to create an ideal running foot for the high-activity runner.

Swimming & Other Water-based Activities – Ottobock 3WR95 Aqua Knee

As its name suggests, the Ottobock 3WR95 Aqua Knee is perfect for use in any wet environment, from the swimming pool all the way to the bathtub. With a thick layer of traction on the foot and a manual locking device that prevents knee flexion, you’ll feel more confident than ever diving into the pool – or simply getting out of your shower.

Scuba Diving, Snowboarding & More – XT9 High Activity Knee

For many of our TF patients, we recommend an XT9 with the hydraulic oil drained, and that’s because this prosthetic knee is the only prosthetic knee that can realistically mimic the functions of real-life quadriceps. As a result, the XT9 empowers the wearer to react quickly and capably in high-activity sports and other athletics.

So, in activities such as snowboarding, scuba diving, and surfing, you can be sure the XT9 will provide constant support and flexion no matter how much you turn about, absorbing all types of bumps and shock along the way.

Running / Cardio / All-around – Cheetah Xtreme

The Cheetah Xtreme is another high-performance sports prosthetic that really lives up to its name, providing an ideal solution for short-distance sprinting and other running-based activities. However, it’s those intensive, short-distance sprints in particular where the Cheetah really shines, and the device’s unique curved carbon blade allows for optimal foot flexion coupled with a truly powerful kick.

All-around – Otto Bock X3

Waterproof, robust, and ready for virtually any terrain, the Ottobock X3 is one of the most durable microprocessor-controlled knees on the market. In fact, it was developed in collaboration with the US military, which speaks volumes to how high-tech this thing is!

It’s also as versatile as it is resilient, providing military-grade performance for active amputees with high-demand jobs, busy family lives, or any number of aquatic or non-aquatic sporting activities.

Upper-Limb Sports Prosthetics for Active Amputees

BeBionic myoelectric hand with wedding ring

Weight Training Prosthetics – TRS Black Iron Series

The TRS Black Iron comes in three variations to accommodate an array of wearers: the Black Iron Trainer, the Black Iron Master, the Black Iron Lite. Each has its own unique benefits, which we’ll break down now:

  • The Black Iron Trainer provides a lightweight alternative to the more high-performance Black Iron Master, one that still proves more than capable of holding up during the majority of standard training/fitness routines. In addition, the Trainer offers manual operation and intuitive locking and unlocking capabilities for enhanced security during bench presses, dumbbell exercises, and deadlifts.
  • The Black Iron Master is intended for use in more high-intensity training situations, such as professional or competitive weightlifting. In fact, with the device’s safety-reinforcing mechanical grasp and security-enhancing lock handles, we’d even go so far as to suggest that the Master is for serious weightlifters only!
  • The Black Iron Lite, molded from high-strength polymers, is specifically designed for more lightweight, aerobic-type resistance exercises and training, in addition to lightweight dumbbell, barbell, and cable machine training. We usually recommend the Lite to individuals seeking a safe yet sturdy prosthesis for low-intensity training that doesn’t exceed ten pounds. It also comes at a lower price point than its more heavy-duty counterparts, providing a practical yet affordable solution for adaptive athletes.

Fishing – The TRS F-ISHI

The TRS F-ISHI can hold almost any fishing rod securely in place with its adjustable ratchet strap system and flexible body. However, its body is also sturdy enough to absorb the torque and pull of the rod, allowing it to simulate the sensation of fishing with a “normal” wrist. Whether you’re a fresh-water or clear-water fisher, the functionality and balance of this advanced prosthetic device is truly impressive!

Baseball – The TRS Pinch Hitter Series

Constructed of flexible, high-performance synthetic rubber, the Pinch Hitter by TRS comes in several variations to help a diverse collection of amputees get back in the batter’s box. All you have to do is screw the devices into your standard prosthetic wrists or your disconnect-style wrist adapters, and you’re good to go!

The standard Pinch Hitter is tailor-made for younger individuals with smaller hand proportions who still want the power and maneuverability to swing a bat with speed, accuracy, and confidence. The Heavy Duty variation of the Pinch Hitter is perfect for adults or older children who need an adaptive device that can fit their larger hand proportions. Meanwhile, the Pinch Hitter Flex is an ideal sports prosthetic device for adults who play a lot of baseball or softball but need a longer adapter.

Baseball – The TRS Hi Fly Fielder

Designed for in-the-field usage in baseball and softball yet based upon the latest, most advanced lacrosse technologies and associated devices, the Hi Fly Fielder, also by TRS, is a truly unique ball-catching system. The Hi Fly Fielder features a flexible mesh pocket for convenient forehanded and backhanded catching that virtually eliminates the need for uncomfortable or non-achievable forearm rotation.

Capable of fitting all standard mechanical prosthetic wrists, you’ll also find a convenient padded-leading edge and sophisticated structural nylon construction with this device – and no need for a cable, either!

Golfing – The TRS EAGLE Series

For over a decade now, the TRS EAGLE advanced prosthetic has provided a convenient, one-piece solution for amputees wanting to get back on the golf course. The device’s one-piece, polyurethane construction is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of grip styles and sizes – all you need to do is slip it over the shaft and pull it up to secure it on your club grip.

There’s also a variation of the TRS EAGLE known as the TRS EAGLE FLEX that’s specifically designed to help improve bio-mechanical action while swinging. It does this by slipping over the shaft of the club, then locking itself in place on the grip once it’s pulled up. In addition, the EAGLE FLEX boasts a strong and flexible replaceable coupling that provides the wrist action you need for an effortless swing, every single time!

Want to Learn More About Sports Prosthetics for Adaptive Amputees?

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