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Insights from our prosthetists about new technology, advances in prosthetics, & more


August 16, 2021

Osseointegration The term “osseointegration” refers to the direct connection between an amputee’s bone material and the surface of his or her load-carrying implant. In the medical field, osseointegration is already …

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October 2, 2020

Threshold The threshold is an adjustable level of signal that is required to operate a prosthetic hand. Learn more about threshold iLimb Ultra Fillauer – Motion Control Electric Hand Bebionic …

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Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT)

Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) A Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) is a health care professionals who renders service or treatment, usually relating to sports medicine, alongside a physician. Learn more about …

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Board Certified Prosthetist (BOCP)

Board Certified Prosthetists (BOCP) A board certified prosthetists (BOCP) has been recognized professionally for completing a rigorous education and training program—passing written, practical, and clinical simulation exams. Board certified prosthetists …

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Physician Assistant (PA)

Physician Assistant (PA) A physician assistant (PA) are capable of practicing in every medical specialty and setting. Often serving as a patient’s principal healthcare provider, PAs conduct physicals, assist in …

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Suspension To be suspended means to hang from something else, and when it comes to prosthetic applications, the term stays true to its original meaning. To help overcome the challenge …

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