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Insights from our prosthetists about new technology, advances in prosthetics, & more

Upper-Extremity Amputation

August 11, 2020

Upper-Extremity Amputation An upper-extremity amputation includes the removal of any part of an upper limb. The amputation level of an upper-extremity varies widely, and factors into what kind of prosthesis …

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Prosthetic Socket & Liner

Prosthetic Socket & Liner The socket is where the stump of the amputated limb fits into place, thus turning the socket into the point of integration between the human tissue …

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Prosthetic Device

Prosthetic Device  Broadly speaking, prosthetic devices – also known as “artificial limbs,” “prosthetics, “prostheses,” and a host of other terms – are any artificial devices that are used to replace …

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Lower-Extremity Amputation

Lower-Extremity Amputation  A lower-extremity amputation includes the removal of any part of a lower limb. There are various levels of lower-extremity amputations, including: toe amputation foot/partial foot amputation ankle disarticulation …

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Hip Disarticulation

Hip Disarticulation While all lower-extremity amputations come with their own share of challenges, hip disarticulations are still considered to be one of the most radical. Most often performed in the …

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Hemipelvectomy One of the rarest types of above-knee, lower-extremity amputations, a hemipelvectomy entails the removal or resectioning of some part of the patient’s pelvis. Sometimes, this surgery can even necessitate …

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