We're thrilled to announce that Orthotic Prosthetic Center (OPC), a long-time leader in prosthetic care throughout Northern Virginia, has merged with MCOP. However, even though their name will be changing, OPC will still operate in the exact same manner it always has, providing the highest level of quality care to clients throughout Virginia.Learn More




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Prosthetic Specialties
Above Knee Prosthetics
Arm Prosthetics
Below Knee Prosthetics
Bilateral Prosthetics
Hemipelvectomy Prosthetics
Hip Disarticulation Prosthetics
Military Prosthetics
Pediatric Prosthetics
Sports Prosthetics

Prosthetic Technology
Bebionic Hand
iLimb Digits Quantum
Mert Lawwill Device
Ossur Pro-Flex Ankle
iLimb Quantum
Ottoblock C-Leg 4
iLimb Ultra
Ottolock X3
Ossur Unity
Ossur XC Rotate
LimbLogic Vacuum
Ottobock Harmony Vacuum
Ottobock Genium Knee
Ottobock Helix Hip
iWalk BiOM
Ossur Symbionic Leg
Ossur Proprio Foot
Ossur Power Knee
ottobock Kids Hook

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Amputee Resources
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Online Resources for Amputees

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